Electronic air cleaners remove up to 98 percent of airborne contaminants from your entire home. These include animal dander, atmospheric and household dust, bacteria and viruses, pollen, plant spores, and cooking and tobacco smoke. With our indoor comfort products, you will have healthier air (with the addition of a purifier you can also control bio-aerosols and volatile organic compounds).SEASONAL HUMIDITY CONTROL

With an automatic humidifier, your house will have the proper levels of humidity. This will reduce annoying static electricity, dried, cracked furniture and wood trim and help your house plants look their best. You will feel more comfortable as scratchy, dry skin, throats and noses are soothed. Properly humidified air feels warmer, allowing for lower thermostat settings with the same warm feeling.ENERGY SAVINGS AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLS

With a new set back (time controlled) thermostat, you can have your house heated or cooled to your preferred temperature only when you are there to enjoy it. You will also have the house nice and comfortable when you get home without those annoying cool down or warm up delays. A set back thermostat could save you up to 25 percent on your heating and cooling costs.

Using carbon monoxide detectors in your home may one day save you and your family from potentially hazardous and life threatening situations. Detectors not only provide safety but also peace of mind. To learn more about carbon monoxide and the potential dangers, call us today or visit us online.WE SPECIALIZE IN ELECTRICAL JOBS

Service upgrades, installation and/or repairs on outlets, switches, outdoor lighting, etc. We provide residential and commercial sales, service and installation for most gas/oil: Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, Boilers, Whole House Generators.DUCT CLEANING

Using the Roto-Brush System we are able to make sure all your ducts in your residential or commercial building are clean and sanitized.

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